Hybrid Solar Container

Eneria Hybrid Sunbox - Core

To secure and hybridised your Energy systems

Eneria Hybrid SunBox - Core is a system, that allows to manage different energy sources and to maximise the utilisation of the
renewable ones. It limits the site operational cost (OPEX) due to significant reduction of the operation time of the diesel generator set.
As a compact, modular power system built into a box it is easy for transport and installation. 2 boxes (with battery storage up to 200
kWh) can be transported in 20’ container. System serves as a heart of power supply solutions. Can be supplied with genset and / or
photovoltaic panels
. Can be adapted to existing installations.

Hybrid box

Hybrid box

With the hybrid box core you can use 3 sources of energy:

  • Sun
  • Grid
  • Generator system.

There is the possibility the chose the individual system configuration, adapted to existing electric architecture to assure the optimal energy economy.


Opt for a remote monitoring option, with a simple smartphone app, you will track all crucial parameters of your system :

  • Sun, genset, grid production
  • Energy sources balance graph
  • Site energy consumption
  • Battery stage of charge
  • Alarms
  • And everything – in real time!

Eneria hybrid Sun box

The container includes

The container includes

  • 1 CATERPILLAR DE33E3 generator set, 24kW production, sized to meet 100% of requirements

  • 140 monocrystalline solar panels for a peak power of 40 kWp, easily deployable without the need for handling equipment, with a foot system that can be oriented, folded and unfolded

  • 12 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for 60 kWh of storage capacity

  • 1 set of inverter-chargers

  • 1 Man - Machine interface

  • 1 air conditioning unit

  • 1 sun cover

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  • Plug & Play
  • Fuel saving system
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Designed and built to operate in extreme
  • conditions
  • Warranty 12 months


Container 20

Container 20

  • Solar conversion 15 – 90 kVA
  • Battery storage  15 – 200 kWh
  • Type of batteries  Lithum
  • Weight  2 – 7 ton
  • Max power  90 kVA
  • Voltage  230/400 V
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