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Our solar kits for self-consumption

The energy market is constantly evolving, and today we're seeing a growing interest in sustainable energy solutions. One of the major players in this field is the plug and play solar kit, designed for self-consumption. At Planet Soar Shop, experts in photovoltaic panels, our mission is to offer innovative, reliable options for those who want to enrich their daily lives with renewable, cost-effective energy. We'll take you step-by-step through all aspects of solar kits for the ultimate power experience.

What is a plug and play solar kit?

A plug and play solar kit is essentially made up of solar panels accompanied by all the necessary hardware for quick and easy installation. One of the big advantages is its simplicity: all you have to do is plug the system into a standard socket to start generating electricity.

The components of a solar kit

The solar kits we offer at Planet Soar Shop include :

  • High-performance solar panels
  • Inverter suitable for every type of solar station
  • Mounting brackets for various roof types
  • Complete wiring with pre-assembled connectors
  • Energy production management and monitoring system

Why choose a plug and play solar kit?

Flexibility is at the heart of this solution. Not only do you benefit from hassle-free installation, but you also get personalised advice from our expert team (+33 3 28 53 52 01) who are on hand to study your project according to your needs. With equipment already equipped with advanced technologies, these kits are designed to maximise performance and profitability right from the outset.

Self-consumption: an energy revolution

Opting for self-consumption means producing and consuming your own electricity. This has a number of significant economic and ecological benefits.

The economic benefits

Producing your own energy considerably reduces your electricity bills. By using the electricity generated by your solar panels, you are less dependent on electricity companies. What's more, with ready-to-plug kits, the initial investment is quickly recouped thanks to the savings you make.

An ecological contribution

By choosing self-consumption via renewable energy sources like solar panels, you're helping to reduce your carbon footprint. This green transition is a significant step towards protecting our planet.

How do you install a plug and play solar kit?

Unlike other more complex systems, installing a plug and play kit does not require advanced technical skills. Here are the main stages in setting up your solar station.

Step 1: Preparing the site

Identify the optimum location where the panels will receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight. This could be on your roof, balcony or even in your garden. It is essential that the chosen location is free of obstructions such as trees or buildings that can limit exposure to the sun.

Step 2: Mounting the solar panels

Attach the mounting brackets supplied to the surface selected. Make sure the panels are tilted at the recommended angle to maximise light collection. Use the pre-assembled cables and connectors to easily assemble the panels.

Step 3: Connecting the inverter

The inverter transforms the energy produced by the panels into usable alternating current. Simply connect it using the cables from the panels, then plug it into a standard socket. The inverter also provides continuous monitoring of the system's performance and safety.

The performance you can expect from solar kits

The performance of a solar kit depends on a number of factors, such as the amount of sunshine, the orientation of the panels and the type of technology used. Our kits are designed to deliver optimum capacity whatever your environment.

Factors affecting performance

To get the best performance from your solar station, take into account :

  • The intensity and duration of daily sunshine
  • The alignment of the panels
  • The photovoltaic technology used (monocrystalline vs polycrystalline vs bifacial cells)
  • Any shadows cast during the day

How to measure efficiency

Our kits are often equipped with monitoring systems that allow you to track electricity production and consumption in real time. This data can help you to adjust the installation parameters for even greater efficiency.

Why buy our solar kits from Planet Soar Shop

We are committed to offering superior quality products and unrivalled customer service. Buying one of our solar kits means choosing a complete and reliable solution for your transition to self-consumption.

Our expertise at your service

Every project is unique, which is why we have a team of specialists ready to guide you according to your needs. Do you have a question or would you like to discuss your project? Contact us directly on +33 3 28 53 52 01.

Guarantee and satisfaction

At Planet Soar Shop, all our products are covered by solid manufacturer's warranties, ensuring total peace of mind. From purchase to installation, our priority is your satisfaction.

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