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Our range of solar fixations

At Planet Soar Shop, we offer a complete range of solutions for mounting your solar panels and self-consumption solar kits, whether on the roof, on a wall or on the ground. Our team of experts is on hand to help you choose the mounting system best suited to your needs and ensure a smooth transition to solar self-sufficiency. Contact us on +33 3 28 53 52 01 to discuss your project. Let's explore our catalogue of mountings and all the options available to you.

Types of mounting for solar panels

There are several mounting systems for your solar panels, each with its own specific advantages depending on the application and type of surface. Here we describe the options available in our catalogue:

Roof mounting

Roof mounting is the most common method of installing solar panels. It offers maximum exposure to the sun while making use of space that is often unused.

  • Hook systems: These brackets are installed under the roof tiles, securing the panels without damaging the roof structure.
  • Mounting rails: These rails secure the panels in a straight line. They are adjustable for different angles of inclination.
  • Complete kits: These kits include all the components needed for fast, efficient installation.

Wall mounting

Installing solar panels on walls can be an excellent option when roof space is limited. The advantages are numerous:

  • Optimisation of space: Ideal for buildings where the roof does not have enough usable surface area.
  • Aesthetics: Wall-mounted systems are designed to blend in harmoniously with the façade.
  • Accessibility: Makes it easy to maintain and clean the panels.

Ground mounting

For those with large plots of land, ground-mounted systems offer flexible, scalable installation:

  1. Tilting feet: Make it easy to adjust the angle of tilt to capture as much sunlight as possible.
  2. Fixed structures: Offer greater stability even in adverse weather conditions.
  3. Solar trackers: Motorised devices that automatically orientate the panels according to the position of the sun, optimising energy production.

Personalised support with Planet Soar Shop

We understand that every project is unique. That's why our team is ready to study your situation and offer you tailor-made fastening solutions:

Needs analysis

When you contact us, we start with an analysis of your needs:

  • Site assessment: Analysis of the location to determine the best mounting solution.
  • Power calculations: Determination of energy requirements to correctly size your installation.

Proposal of personalised quotations

Based on our analysis, we provide detailed and transparent quotes:

  • Technical details: Explanation of the various components and their role in the installation.
  • Total cost: precise estimate including materials, labour and any additional costs.

Ongoing technical support

Our service doesn't end with the sale:

  • Maintenance: Advice on preserving and maintaining your system.

The advantages of solar autonomy

Opting for solar autonomy has many benefits, both economic and ecological:

Lower energy costs

By producing your own energy, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills:

  • Profitable investment: The initial cost is quickly amortised by the savings on your bills.
  • Tax incentives: Benefit from subsidies and tax credits.

Positive environmental impact

By choosing solar panels, you're doing something positive for the planet:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions: An alternative to polluting fossil fuels.
  • Inexhaustible resource: Using solar energy helps preserve natural resources.

Energy independence

With the right fixing system, you can achieve optimum autonomy:

  • Energy security: Be less dependent on fluctuations in the energy market.
  • Continuity of service: In the event of a power cut, your own production takes over.
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